Tsm_myth (Ali Kabbani)

Ali Kabbani is widely known and loved video games streamer on social media. He has a quite a following and has participated in many game such as Fortnite. He started playing video games since he was a small kid at a tender age of 4 and his interest has grown from then making him quite popular. Paragon Twitch channel is where Tsm_myth started his official streaming in the year 2016. Within a very short time, Ali had a huge following!
He is the best player of the game Fortnite and also a captain in his gaming team, Solomid. He has 4,244,000 plus followers and his Net Worth is a million dollars. He has partnerships with other companies such as Dr Pepper, Chipotle, Vertgear and GEICO. Ali is a go getter who has tried his skills by competing against the most influential gamer on Twitch, Tyler Blevins. He currently has a fan base of above 3.7 million subscribing to his YouTube channels.


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