10 Most-Watched Lives Streamers Of 2021

top live streamers

Do you want to stream games online?

Then, how much do you know about gaming or gamers?

No doubt, live streaming is one of the quickest ways to grow a fan base and become an established gamer in today’s society. If you were not aware before now, here’s the juicy news: live streaming and gaming are some of the most popular categories of digital media, targeted mostly at the younger generation (Generation-Z).

Sure, you may have come across the term ‘live streaming’ about watching movies or catching up with a soccer match or your favorite sport. However, live streaming is also enjoyed in the enthralling world of gaming or gamers. The most popular live streaming platform used by gamers and other types of live streamers worldwide is ‘Twitch’.

Twitch is a streaming platform that was launched in June 2011 as a spin-off of its parent streaming platform- Justin TV. Currently, Twitch has a whopping 9.3 million monthly streamers and that now is including you, now that you’re about to delve into the very addictive hobby of gaming. Other streaming platforms have gaming subsidiaries and they are popular names in other related media; Youtube gaming and Facebook gaming. These platforms usually enter contractual agreements with top gamers to stream their games online, exclusively on their platform to drive more traffic for these sites.

This article combines the top lives streamers of 2021 and most of the people/ channels on this list are arguably some of the top live streamers in the world for at least two years in a row. The list will include streamers with the highest number of viewers, most hours streamed, and the highest total number of followers.

  • xQc:

    Anyone who is interested in the gaming world has heard of xQc. His real name is Felix Lengyel, and xCq is a Canadian streamer with one of the highest average viewers on Twitch. His average hours streamed monthly is around 250 hours while his watch duration is around 15 million watch hours. He currently has 9.2 million followers. This year alone, he has had an average of 315 hours streamed monthly with an average viewership of 76,500. Every month, xQc’s rank on Twitch changes but he hardly ever falls below the top two on any list.

  • Tommy Innit:

    Thomas Simons, the 17-year old Minecraft gamer is one of the very recent sensations in online gaming. Over the last year, Tommy has gained popularity by joining the DreamSMP Minecraft server. What is truly fascinating is that Tommy does not stream for many hours. He does only about 14 hours of streaming our month, but this drums up at least 200,100 viewers monthly. That is a very large number even by Twitch records, and Tommy currently has about 6.4 million Twitch followers, earning him a spot on our list of best live streamers.

  • Auronplay:

    Raul Alvarez Genes is a Spanish Youtuber and Twitch streamer. He started his Twitch channel in 2019 and is currently the third most followed Twitch channel with 9.8 million followers. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 87.5 hours streamed with an average viewership of 102,600.

  • Ranboo:

    Ranboo is an American Youtuber (who currently lives in the U.K.) and he started streaming in September 2020. Ranboo is one of the faceless/anonymous streamers, which means his viewers don’t know his real name or what he looks like, but he is a sensation in the world of gaming as a member of the Minecraft Dream SMP. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 92.2 hours streamed with an average viewership of 83,100. Ranboo has 3.7 million followers on Twitch.

  • Ibai:

    Ibai Llanos is a South American streamer who mainly does just chatting streams and sports streaming. In August, he was allowed to stream soccer player Lionel Messi’s first match with PSG. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 114.8 hours streamed with an average viewership of 74,300.

  • Shroud:

    Canadian YouTuber/ streamer Micheal Grzesiek is another big name in the streaming world. He used to be a professional Counterstrike player and often plays action games like Call of Duty and Valorant. Shroud is the fifth most-followed Twitch streamer with 9.5 million. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 199.4 hours streamed with an average viewership of 35,300.

  • Pewdiepie:

    Felix Kjellberg is literally one of the biggest names on Youtube. He is a famous YouTuber with the fourth most-subscribed-to Youtube channel at 110 million subscribers and growing. Pewdiepie began live streaming on Twitch in April 2017. In 2020, he signed an exclusive deal with youtube to stream only on their platform and is still where he currently streams. Because Youtube is still not as popular as Twitch when it comes to streaming, Pewdiepie has an average of about 25,000 viewers per stream (which is still a lot, all things considered). With a net worth of about 55 million dollars, Pewdiepie also has a cumulative of over 27 billion views on his youtube channel.

  • Adin Ross:

    Adin is an American streamer that is well known for his real live streams and playing games like Grand Theft Auto V, NBA2K, and more recently, his gambling streams. Adin has 4.8 million followers on Twitch. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 90.8 hours streamed with an average viewership of 62,600.

  • Summit1g:

    Jaryd Russell Lazar is an American streamer that is also quite old in that scene. He used to be a professional competitive Counter-Strike: global offensive player. He mostly plays a variety of games now, including Grand Theft Auto V Role Play. Summit has 6 million followers on Twitch. In the past year, he has had a monthly average of 299.3 hours streamed with an average viewership of 29,700.

  • Pokimane:

    Imane Anys, a Morrocan-Canadian streamer is the most popular, highest watched, and most followed female Twitch streamer. She is the 7th most followed Twitch streamer with 8.2 million followers. In the past year, she has had a monthly average of 80.5 hours streamed with an average viewership of 22,700.

These are undoubtedly some of the best live streamers currently; however, there are a few honorable mentions such as Valkyrae and Ninja.

  • Valkyrae:

    Rachel Hofstetter is an American streamer who streams exclusively on Youtube. She has been dubbed ‘Queen of Youtube’ after being the most-watched streamer on Youtube in 2021 so far. She became the most-watched female stream r(across all platforms) at the end of 2020, surpassing Pokimane. She currently averages about 25,000 viewers monthly.

  • Ninja:

    Ninja, real name Richard Tyler Blevins, currently has the most followers on Twitch at 16.9 million. Ninja became famous playing Fortnite battle royale. In the past year, Ninja has not streamed as much but he deserves to be on this list nonetheless. This year he has streamed an average of 127 hours monthly and averaged 10,000 viewers monthly

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