TAG Heuer Monaco

The TAG Heuer Monaco (originally Heuer Monaco ) is a model of automatic mechanical wrist chronograph produced by the Swiss watch brand Heuer in 1969 in reference to the Grand Prix automobile of Monaco .

The watch

When it was launched in 1969, the Monaco is a watch that combines blue, white, red, particularly innovative with its square design and angles, while the fashion is with round, flat, gold-plated watches with a white dial. Monaco is the first waterproof square case and the world’s first self-winding mechanical chronograph with the 11-gauge Chronomatic micromotor caliber (12 gauge ) developed with Dubois-Depraz and Hamilton-Buren 1 , 2 .

In 1970, Hollywood star Steve McQueen , through the pilot and friend Joseph Siffert (himself the ambassador of the Heuer Autavia), fascinated by the unprecedented form of this revolutionary watch, began filming the film Le Mans , a Monaco And decides to bring it to the screen by affixing the mark on its combination, becoming a real ambassador of the brand.

After the production stopped in the mid-1970s, Monaco emerged with a design changed in 1998 and then in 2002 with a new mechanism in 2003. In 2009, on the occasion of its forty years, the Monaco chronograph Made its return with the calibres 11 and 12 (different from those of the years 1960 and 70) and a design closer to the original. There are today futuristic variants of the Monaco, like the V4, with the new characteristics.

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