Sord IS-11

The Sord IS-11 was a lightweight, lightweight and portable A4 computer. The IS-11 (‘IS’ stands for ‘Integrated Software’) did not have an operating system, but was provided with integrated word processing software, spreadsheet, file manager and communication software. The machine was manufactured by Sord Computer Corporation and published in 1983. It was then followed by the IS-11B and the IS-11C.

The IS-11 had a CMOS version of the Z80A running at 3.4 MHz with 32-64 KiB NVRAM and 64 KiB ROM. The non-backlit monochrome LCD screen allowed 40 characters × 8 lines or 256 × 64 pixels. The data was stored on an integrated microcassette recorder (128 kb, 2000 baud).

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