Sony NW-A800

The Sony NW-A80x, is a series of network-compatible Walkman video players, announced in late 2006 and released on May 19, 2007. On May 19, 2007, only the NW-A806 (4GB) and NW-A808 (8GB) models been released. On June 13, 2007, Sony announced that the NW-A800 (2GB) would be included in the series and would soon be available to the public.

The entire body is covered with metal and has a 2.0 “LCD screen covered with glass The three control buttons under the screen are arranged to form the Walkman logo on the front. the design of the NW A800 / 810 is in the same style as Sony’s previous Walkman model, the NW-A1000 / 3000, which is not sold in the US The colors available for the NW-A810 / 800 are black, white, purple and pink in Japan.

Navigation is provided by three circular controls on the front of the player: a power / option button, a home / home button, and a four-way control key surrounding a central play / pause key. A dedicated volume rocker is located on the right edge of the player The walkman contains a 2 “QVGA LCD, usable horizontally or vertically. The interface is composed of nine icons organized in 3X3 square, the icons will be highlighted and as you scroll them in. Search function, allowing the user to search for a song based on artist, album, year of release and genre This player is a ATRAC audio device that uses the Sonicstage program to manage music must use Sonicstage.

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