Sheaffer Prelude

Sheaffer Prelude’s fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens are a range of writing instruments manufactured by Sheaffer Pen Company.

The pen is made of brass rods in stock, and the section is made of molded acrylic and has ridges for easy grip. The jewel on the clip is mother-of-pearl, and the sheet-shaped band and clip are made of stainless steel. The pen is also made of stainless steel. The clip and cap strip are gold or chrome plated depending on the finish of the pen, while the pen is semi-plated in gold or unplated steel depending on the finish, but Sheaffer also offers 14K gold tips in some countries. ‘Asia. The Ballpoint is a twist-action.

Sheaffer Prelude pens come in a number of finishes, from smooth lacquer to plated in precious metals, and chrome trim to gold trim. There was also a rainbow finish in both trimmings, but it was stopped very early and is very desirable today. Another exotic finish comes from Sheaffer “Holiday Original” pens, known as the “Snow Pen”.

The feather sizes offered in the series are Fine, Medium, Broad and Extra Fine. Italic feathers have also been proposed, but are rarely found today.

The Sheaffer Prelude comes only in another variant, a smaller Prelude Mini. It is a ball version only, and is smaller than the normal Prelude. This is a twist ball pen and uses standard Sheaffer ball refills.

The standard Sheaffer Prelude is covered by Sheaffer’s limited lifetime warranty, while the Prelude Mini is covered by Sheaffer’s 3-year limited warranty.

Prelude fountain pens can be used with short normal Skrip cartridges or international-sized cartridges. It is also supplied with the standard Sheaffer piston converter, to be filled with bottled ink. Ballpoint pens require standard Sheaffer Ballpoint refill, while roller pens use Sheaffer Classic Rollerball cartridges.

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