Osborne Vixen

The Osborne Vixen was a “commendable” laptop computer announced by Osborne Computer Corporation in November 1984, following its Osborne 1 and Osborne Executive system. The Vixen had a 4MHz Zilog Z80 microprocessor, with 64K of dynamic random access memory (DRAM). It had a 7-inch diagonal amber screen that could display 24 lines per 80 columns of mapped video. It used two 400-kilobyte hard drives, using double-sided 5.25-inch double-sided floppy disks, weighing about 18 pounds, and the contemporary advertisement indicated that it could fit under the seat of an airplane, with dimensions of 12 out of 16. When it came out, the Vixen had a retail price of $ 1298 and customers also had the option to buy a 10 megabyte hard drive for $ 1498. Vixen used version 2.2 of CP /. Operating System M.

It also came with several software: WordStar, popular word processing software, SuperCalc, spreadsheet, MBASIC, programming language, Osboard, graphic and drawing program, TurnKey, a system utility , MediaMaster, a data exchange program that allowed compatibility with more than “200 other computers” and Desolation, a game. The Vixen was also known as Osborne 4. It was developed and released after bankruptcy from Osborne. Vixen “has never been rented.Because of technical issues with the prototypes and the bankruptcy of the company, by the time the CP / M Vixen was introduced, it had already been made obsolete by IBM PC compatible MS-DOS A last effort to design and market an IBM compatible PC produced three prototypes, but too late to save the company from bankruptcy.

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