Osborne Executive

Osborne Executive was the expected successor to the Osborne 1 laptop already marketed by Osborne Computer Corporation. The executive was a collection of good features of the Osborne 1 and corrected some of the flaws of its predecessor. The Osborne Executive, like the Osborne 1, came with application software. The WordStar word processor, the SuperCalc spreadsheet, and the CBASIC and MBASIC programming languages ​​- all packages that were the main applications in their respective niches at the time – had a retail value of over $ 2,495. The disc players and the built-in 7-inch CRT were covered by the keyboard when they were mounted on the main housing for transport. Like the Osborne 1, the Executive could be supported by the keyboard at a convenient viewing angle. The executive included a cooling fan, unlike the Osborne 1, and a tiny air filter for that.

The operating system was CP / M version 3.0. A complete list of ROM BIOS was available in the Osborne Technical Manual. Unlike version 2.2, this edition of the bank switch memory supported by CP / M; this allowed compatible programs to use more RAM. An alternative operating system, UCSD P system was also included.

The executive’s CP / M BIOS could automatically detect and use single-sided disks in the following systems: The executive could also emulate some computer terminal models (which was useful for dial-up access to remote systems) :

The Osborne Executive was helpful for presentations and projects on client sites. Unlike static presentations, the laptop can provide answers to digital questions right away when working with consulting clients. This laid the foundation for the kind of current ROI or TCO presentations “show me money” today. A number of frames had custom ROMs that were customized at startup, and identification plates were also engraved on the case. The executive was produced in limited numbers compared to the predecessor Osborne 1, before the company filed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. The financial problems of Osborne were compounded by the Advance announcement from the executive, which has reduced sales of the Osborne 1. This effect says Osborne has become proverbial as an error that can be made by companies that market high-tech products. The company had announced another successor product, the Osborne Vixen, but ceased operations before the Vixen could be established. An Osborne Executive II, using an 8088 processor, and providing MS-DOS and IBM PC compatibility, was announced but never produced.

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