Nightblue3 (Rabia Yazbek)

Nightblue3 is based in Michigan and he has been gaming and streaming for about 7 years. He is known for playing League of Legends and also Solomid. He streams on twitch and he also has a YouTube channel which has quite a number of subscribers. He streams his games, gives game-guides, high class reviews and montages in gameplays. He has 2,281,000 plus followers and a Net Worth of 2.5 million dollars. He has partnered with a number of companies which sponsor him such as G fuel, Curse, Cyberpower PC and PVP live. Nightblue3’s Twitch channel and affiliate sales act as good sources for his income.

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Nightblue3 whose real name is Rabia Yezbek hails from Dearborn in Michigan USA. He is well known across the globe following his informative streams which everyone want to hear partly because of the fun in them too. His Rammus in Season 3 made him a public figure for most of his fans. Nightblue3 considers Elise as his favorite champion and he has managed to attain rank 3 according NA challenger ladder. He attended University of Michigan Dearborn and has Lebanese origin. Rabia Yazbek has a long list of followers both on Youtube and Twitch where he has over 250 million followers and is ranked in position ten among the top 100 Twitch users based on followers alone. On the other hand, Rabia Yezbek is having over 2.5 million followers in YouTube and over 900 million channel viewers. He is therefore regarded as one of the most successful personalities in the gaming world.

Rabia Yezbek networth is stated to be worth $2.5 million and is known to partner with some organizations including Cyberpower PC, G fuel, Curse and PVP live. Rabia Yezbek net worth and stable source of income is also contributed to by Twitch channel and affiliate sales. It is claimed that as opposed to the earlier videos which were both entertaining and informative, Nightblue3 is nowadays concentrating more on entertainment than information. However, according to the numbers, people still like watching the videos of Nightblue3. There is also one big issue between Rabia Yezbek and his current fans which is surrounding the lack of informative nature of his current videos as opposed to the former videos. The current are regarded as more of entertainment. Skill wise, nonetheless, he is one of the best especially for those who won’t mind his ranting or being toxic teammate.

After playing the League games for over eight years, Rabia Yezbek announced his retirement through a tweet on 28th of March in 2018 since he realized his videos were declining even in the entertainment levels. However, in a matter of two weeks, he got back to the games and most of the fans especially followers on twitter who saw the quitting message were taken aback. So many were happy that Nightblue3 was back at last. However, during such comeback, he was to start afresh all the way from the scratch and would find it difficult to compete with such renowned people as Ali-A and Ninja as well as Summit1G. During the fortnight gap, a number of fans were scattered and wore happy faces when he got back especially for the loyal fans.

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