Marie-Antoinette (watch)

The Marie-Antoinette is a watch ordered for Marie Antoinette of Austria , queen of France , by an admirer of it. It is created by Abraham Louis Breguet , brilliant master watchmaker and court supplier. It is a masterpiece of inestimable value and complexity, including all the complications known at the time. It is an automatic watch with date, day, month … It is a luxury watch, it has a gold box, a dial in white enamel and another dial in rock crystal 1 .

It will remain the most complex watch in the world for nearly a century.


The manufacture of this watch began in 1783 and lasted 44 years (until 1827) and was completed by the son of Abraham Louis Bréguet, Antoine-Louis Breguet.

Neither Queen Marie Antoinette nor her creator will see this watch. It was completed 34 years after the death of the Queen and 4 years after the death of its original creator.

It was exhibited in the United States, then in Paris, it was stolen during a robbery in April 1983 at the Islamic Art Museum in Jerusalem , the watch was found 24 years later in 2007 2 .

His reply

The Marie-Antoinette was replicated during its disappearance 1 , it was finished in 2008 after 3 and a half years of manufacture. It is presented in a box made in the wood of an oak present in the Park of the castle of Versailles during the reign of the queen. The cabinet faithfully represents the floor of the Château du Petit Trianon 3 .

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