Dyrus (Marcus Hill)

Dyrus is a well-known gamer, he was born in Hawaii in the year 1992 on March 30th. He has been playing online games and streaming his games online using the handle Dyrus. His real name is Marcus Hill and he has been in the Multiplayer online League arena for quite some time before he decided to retire. He came in to lime light when he qualified for 5 online tournaments. He made quite a name for himself and also won around one hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars. After the tournaments, he decided that he was better off streaming his work online on YouTube channel for his fans to stream online. He retired in the year 2015 as a professional online gamer but he still continues to stream using Solomid as his team. Online gaming was not a thing a few years back but Dyrus and his counterparts made it well known as a sport and slowly by slowly it started garnering fans globally. He has around 1,463,000 followers on his social media platform where they throng to watch his online video streams. He is also estimated to be around worth 1 million dollars. If you are interested in purchasing his merchandise then you can easily access it from Fanfiber online store.

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