Dive Watch

A diving watch is a watch designed for scuba diving which has as characteristic a waterproofing greater than ten atm , the equivalent of 100 meters . The typical diving watch has a waterproofing of about 200 or 300 meters , although modern technology allows the construction of diving watches that can go to a much greater depth 1 with a record at 12’000 meters theoretical for the Rolex Deepsea Challenge (it is actually down to 10’908 in the Mariana trench) 2 .

Modern dive watches conform to ISO 6425, which defines the standards and characteristics of watches suitable for diving with submarine breathing apparatus at depths of 100 meters or more. Watches conforming to this standard are marked DIVER’S to distinguish them from watches that would not be suitable for diving with bottles .


The history of efforts to use the watches under water and to make watches that are waterproof and to create dive watches dates back perhaps to the xvii th century . In the xix th century , watches resistant to water and dust were generally unique pieces created especially for a particular client and described as “explorers watches.” At the beginning of xx th century , such watches was industrially produced for the military market and commercial distribution. Like their predecessors,

On [Who?] Considers that Omega SA is the first to produce an industrial dive watch for commercial distribution, the Omega Marine , introduced in 1932. After a series of tests conducted by the Laboratory of Watchmaking Neuchâtel in May 1937, the watch was certified capable of withstanding pressure 13.5 atmospheres or 135 meters without any water intake 3 .

In 1952, Blancpain produced the Fifty Fathoms , the first military dive watch.

In 1961, Vulcan makes a model dive watch, the Nautical, equipped with a water alarm with an audible ring under water, allowing the wearer to know when to come to the surface 4 .


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