Creative MuVo

The Creative MuVo (in some markets, formerly Creative NOMAD MuVo) is a line of digital audio players produced by Creative Technology Limited, launched in 2002. Most models in the MuVo range use flash memory to store data; the only exceptions being the MuVo² and MuVo² FM models that use microdrives. The distinctive feature of the lineup, starting with the original MuVo and focused on newer models, is that the players are divided into two unequal parts. The smaller part works like the audio player, with all the controls, inputs and outputs, the internal microphone and a USB-A male jack. Most have a USB-A female socket, and holds an AAA battery: this provides power to the reader.

The drive / flash drive section is a USB mass storage device, so it does not require drivers on most operating systems. Data files, as well as audio files, can be stored on flash memory, therefore the player can also be used as a USB flash drive. However, players like MuVo², MuVo² FM, MuVo² XT, MuVo Slim and MuVo Vidz are an exception. The MuVo N200 looks like a typical MuVo player, but the two unequal parts are merged and inseparable. Many, but not all, models also include an internal microphone that allows the device to be used as a low quality audio recorder. The MuVo line was interrupted in 2009.

Most models share a similar shape and design, with the exception of the players listed above.

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