Braille Watch

A Braille watch is a watch designed to be accessible to visually impaired ( blind and visually impaired ).

Other ways to know the time for a visually impaired, and disadvantages

Apart from the Braille watch, there are several solutions to obtain the time when one is visually impaired:

  • Ask a third person: this solution runs counter to the search for autonomy for certain visually impaired people;
  • The use of a watch with a sound device , for example with beeps or an artificial voice : this solution, which is not discreet, is not adapted to life in society.

It is in this context that the watchmakers have invented the Braille watch.

Description and functioning

It is a classic watch, but with a removable bezel – the bezel being the transparent top part of the watch. The visually impaired can thus touch the needles, discreetly, and thus know the time at any time.

These watches, although they are called “Braille watches”, usually have nothing in braille . There are a few really brailed models, the 12 hours of which are marked with the corresponding braille numbers, but this writing takes up a lot of space, this solution is only suitable for large ( men’s ) watches .

Most models have just small markings around the dial for needle identification:

  • Three small brands at 12 o’clock,
  • Two brands at 3, 6 and 9 hours,
  • One mark for the other hours.

As for the lights, the small hand gives the hours and the large hand gives the minutes .

All this allows a wide variety of models, from cheap to very high-end, custom-made, gold with diamond markers .

When the bezel is closed, the watch resembles any needle watch.

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