Best Game Streaming Sites In Europe: Live Stream, Top Gamer And More

Game Streaming Sites

The world of online streaming games in Europe has evolved greatly from what it once was. Now worth millions of dollars, this gaming industry is a major source of entertainment to the millions of users In Europe and around the world. This community expansion has enabled gamers to turn their passion into a full-time career where they earn millions from mass subscription fees, paid advertisements, and fan donations while they stream games.

The rise to prominence of online game streaming has seen the accompanying rise in diverse platforms for gamers to do their thing. These platforms are more colloquially referred to as streaming sites. With a plethora of options available and new ones emerging, selecting the best streaming site to be a part of is pretty tricky since one cannot be accustomed to all of them.

If you live in Europe and this is your gaming dilemma, this article highlights the best game streaming sites you can access and enjoy in your location. Keep reading!


Twitch is the rightful ruler of online game streaming. So much so that it’ll be near criminal to start this list with any other streaming site. A subsidiary of the world-renowned American multinational conglomerate Amazon, the Twitch platform was originally launched in 2011 to replace Justin. tv.  In the following years, it became the hub for many gamers and their viewers who share a unique interest in the hobby and have remained loyal to the platform for a decade and counting.

With a 15 million strong daily audience, 71 million watch hours on a daily basis, over 13 million streamers, and a whopping 140 million unique monthly visitors, there is no doubting the supremacy of the Twitch platform over other gaming sites. Twitch also features a has tier-based subscriber system with the lowest tier being tier-1 and starting at $5.

Although Twitch has its focus on video game live streaming, it offers other exciting services such as creative content and music broadcasts. Big names in the online gaming industry such as Ninja, Tfue, Shroud, Summit1g, TimtheTatman, and a host of others have amassed their net worth, mostly in millions via Twitch. The great news is that you, in Europe, have access to Twitch and all its exciting features for gamers and viewers alike.


The first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear YouTube is vlogs and music videos and even movies, but YouTube has is number two on the top game streaming sites in your location. The live stream feature was incorporated into YouTube in 2013, and quite a far cry from the initial 1000 gaming subscribers at inception,  YouTube has grown to amass them in their millions, and the platform is home for gamers like PewDiePie whose live streaming is avidly viewed and followed by hundreds of millions of subscribers.

Anyone can stream on the YouTube platform regardless of their subscriber count, so what are you waiting for? You can convert an existing channel to a gaming channel or create a new one dedicated to gaming.

YouTube has been around for what seems to be forever now and although not primarily designed for live streaming games, it has impressively risen up the ranks and is one of the online streaming sites of choice.

Facebook Gaming

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown to be the single most dominant social network in existence with a 2.85 billion strong user base.

Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild Facebook is known to diversify and make changes to its user interface to accommodate a wide range of user needs, but as a giant industry, gaming needed its own platform under the parent company. This led to the launch of Facebook’s game streaming platform, appropriately named “Facebook Gaming” in 2018.

Facebook gaming was created mainly to provide an alternative to the mainstream online game streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming and it succeeds in offering the most basic service that any game streaming should: to provide an interface for users to use to locate their preferred streams and give them a good level of functionality.

One other plus the platform has is its mobile compatibility, giving you the ability to go live using only your smartphone.


Formerly named Madcat, Trovo operates similarly to Twitch, and understandably so. The beta launch of the platform occurred almost synchronously with the collapse of Microsoft-owned streaming site Mixer in 2020 in an attempt to house the scores of the evicted Mixer streamers and viewers.

The only notable difference between platforms like Twitch and Trovo is that the latter is tailor-made to focus on games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, but with their mobile versions taking the center stage. Tovo also has an upgradable subscription system and is owned by Chinese mega-company Tencent.

If you are more into mobile versions of your favorite games, you will find Tovo a decent platform for your enjoyment. It is accessible to all gamers in Europe.


Caffeine is designed and intended to be an all-around streaming platform with no specific preferences for video game streaming. Notwithstanding, the video game category is still that with the most traffic on the platform. Seeing as a visit to the homepage will more than likely be greeted with a bombardment of Call of Duty and Valorant streams, Caffeine holds its own among the best video game streaming sites in Europe.

It is important to note that it does have its fair share of limitations, the most prominent of which is that its ‘optimal’ video resolution is set at 540p@30fps, quite a ways shy of the usual 1080p@60fps that most gamers are accustomed to.

Gaming is an enthralling activity, and it has been described with adjectives like “addictive.” This is why the community is growing, and streaming sites with it. You will find sites like SteamTV, SmashCast, GosuGamers, and MobCrush worthy alternatives to the aforementioned streaming sites.

Enjoy your game streaming experience!

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