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After 90 percent decline, federal protection sought for monarch butterfly26 August 2014
NGOs and residents respond to Kauai ruling26 August 2014
Federal judge: Kauai's GMO law is invalid25 August 2014
GM mosquito town in Brazil still suffering increased dengue23 August 2014
US bullied Vietnam into not labelling GM foods23 August 2014
GM food, Ukraine, and the return of Hill + Knowlton22 August 2014
The New Yorker, GMOs, and chemical farming: Gunning for Vandana Shiva22 August 2014
India's MPs heading for Monsanto-funded study tour22 August 2014
EPA and USDA poised to approve herbicide with serious long-term health effects21 August 2014
GMO labeling measure makes Colorado’s November ballot21 August 2014
Syngenta can't force Bunge elevator to accept its GMO corn – court 21 August 2014
China pulls plug on GM rice and corn21 August 2014
US politicians bought and owned by Big Biotech – and maybe the media too20 August 2014
Science policy is about debate and discussion – not one person working in secret20 August 2014
Tasmania to remain free of GMO for at least five more years19 August 2014
NGO backlash to Chief Scientific Advisor position grows19 August 2014
The GMO Deception: Q&A with Prof Sheldon Krimsky19 August 2014
Russian government approves fines for improper GMO labelling19 August 2014
Keith Kloor: Trash-talking the enviros – or just talking trash?19 August 2014
GM food meets new hurdle in China18 August 2014
Bt corn rootworm resistance in Pennsylvania16 August 2014
Kenya chooses GM and biotech, but there are smarter ways to feed Africa15 August 2014
Genome editing not as precise as it's made out15 August 2014
British think tank tells Africans to grow and eat GMOs15 August 2014
Science academy falters in launch of new GMO study14 August 2014
Roundup sprayed in city parks linked to cancer, study says13 August 2014
Ecover, come clean about using extreme genetic engineering in your products12 August 2014
Laws to veto GM crops set to be scrapped in Western Australia11 August 2014
Scientists appeal to Pope to get GM foods banned in Brazil11 August 2014
Soy trading firms will not buy Monsanto's Intacta RR2 PRO soybeans10 August 2014
Sense About Science misleads public over chief scientific advisor role10 August 2014
Sense About Science leaps to chief scientific advisor's defence09 August 2014
Battle over GMO food labelling heats up09 August 2014
Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit09 August 2014
The new scientism09 August 2014
Black root rot suspected in Louisiana soybeans09 August 2014
US is trying to control food production08 August 2014
Read the emails in the hilarious Monsanto / Mo Rocca / Condé Nast meltdown08 August 2014
The GMO fight ripples down the food chain08 August 2014
GMO tobacco Ebola drug under the spotlight07 August 2014
USDA signals approval of Dow's 2,4-D-resistant seeds07 August 2014
Condé Nast making propaganda for Monsanto06 August 2014
Scientists challenge makeup of panel meant to evaluate GMO risks06 August 2014
When do scholars become advocates?05 August 2014
Farmers, environmental groups defend moratorium of GMO crops on Hawaii’s Big Island05 August 2014
Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture cracks down on seed library05 August 2014
GM canola's growing pains04 August 2014
Another unethical GMO human trial planned03 August 2014
Big Food uses mommy bloggers to shape public opinion01 August 2014
GMO climate change myth bites the dust01 August 2014
Senior scientists condemn "shocking" decision of GEAC to approve GMO field trials01 August 2014
Fish And Wildlife will phase-out GM crops and ban bee-killing pesticides on national refuges01 August 2014
European Ombudsman joins call to open up secretive EU-US trade talks31 July 2014
India: GMO field trials put on hold29 July 2014
US Midwestern farmers fighting superweeds told to go back to deep tillage29 July 2014
Brazilian farmers want compensation for four failed GMO crops29 July 2014
UK government accused of "GM baby" cover-up29 July 2014
EPA denies Texas’ emergency request to use dangerous herbicide on GMO cotton fields26 July 2014
Beware the omniscient scientific adviser26 July 2014
Glyphosate found in malformed piglets – study25 July 2014
GMWatch responds to Sense About Science over its defence of chief scientific advisor role25 July 2014
Brazil: Pest resistance to Bt maize in third year of cultivation25 July 2014
EFSA plays down risks of Monsanto´s GM oilseed rape25 July 2014
Protect society from our inventions, say genome-editing scientists24 July 2014
Why Marc Gunther can't be trusted on GMOs24 July 2014
"Genome editing": GM by another name24 July 2014
Doctors and scientists urge Congress to reject toxic GMO crop herbicide mix23 July 2014
Modi govt condemned for allowing GMO field trials23 July 2014
Chief science advisor position should be scrapped23 July 2014
Independent safety reviews will foster trust in GM technology23 July 2014
Monsanto wants soy trading firms to act as its royalty collectors20 July 2014
Minister for Environment must annul GEAC's hasty approvals for GMO field trials19 July 2014
GM crops won’t solve India’s food crisis19 July 2014
India's GM crops policy in question19 July 2014
Doctors and scientists call on German Chancellor Merkel to halt US-EU trade deal18 July 2014
GM golden rice paper to be retracted amid ethics scandal18 July 2014
Bollworms develop resistance against Bt cotton in Pakistan16 July 2014
GM corn that should resist pests brings trouble for Brazilian producers15 July 2014
Alarm at new dengue emergency where GM mosquito trials conducted14 July 2014
Organic food richer in compounds linked to better health, lower in toxins12 July 2014
Salvadoran farmers successfully oppose the use of Monsanto seeds11 July 2014
French celebs campaign against EU-US trade deal11 July 2014
The farce of GMO industry safety studies11 July 2014
GMO cotton growers want unlicensed pesticide use on 3 million acres08 July 2014
Confused by the Oregonian's GMO confusion08 July 2014
The defective logic of lab-grown meat08 July 2014
Coexistence is impossible07 July 2014
US pressures El Salvador to open up its seed market07 July 2014
Monsanto faces strong opposition to GM cotton from Malawi civil society04 July 2014
2,4-D-tolerant crops decision crucial to future of farming02 July 2014
Glyphosate herbicide decreases seedling quality and yield in Roundup Ready soybeans02 July 2014
The glyphosate toxicity studies you're not allowed to see02 July 2014
Industry withdraws more applications for GMO cultivation in Europe02 July 2014
Committee spreads misinformation about GM crops to be grown in England01 July 2014
EU environment agencies condemn herbicide-tolerant GM crops as "part of the problem"01 July 2014
Don't repeat mistakes that led to superweeds30 June 2014
How the TTIP threatens to force-feed GMOs to Europe - register for webinar30 June 2014
Does the Snell review show GMOs are safe?29 June 2014
Hillary Clinton paid to talk nonsense about GMOs29 June 2014
Was Séralini’s republished paper peer-reviewed?28 June 2014