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March Against Monsanto, Morges, Switzerland: Photo-essay24 May 2015
Sri Lankan President announces ban on import of glyphosate herbicide24 May 2015
US Government witch hunt to eliminate Monsanto critics24 May 2015
"Cancer from glyphosate - how dangerous is the herbicide?"23 May 2015
EU dropped pesticide laws due to US pressure over TTIP23 May 2015
Monsanto wants to move to Switzerland. Why is Obama doing it favours?22 May 2015
Lawyer challenges Monsanto to find inaccuracies in his book exposing GMO risks22 May 2015
“Climate of fear” keeps numbers low at protest against muzzling of federal scientists21 May 2015
GM Bt corn has diminishing success at fighting off insect pest – study21 May 2015
Chinese citizens fight back against Monsanto21 May 2015
March Against Monsanto London May 201520 May 2015
The silencing of Hector Valenzuela20 May 2015
Another month, another 300 Syngenta lawsuits20 May 2015
Monsanto says would divest all of Syngenta's seed business20 May 2015
Toxic affair: Chemical lobby blocked action on hormone disrupting chemicals20 May 2015
Monsanto’s worst fear may be coming true18 May 2015
Hillary Clinton’s Monsanto ties give rise to nickname: “Bride of Frankenfood”18 May 2015
Mark Lynas accused of fabricating story in the New York Times17 May 2015
Colombia govt confirms suspension of aerial coca spraying17 May 2015
Monsanto mounts campaign to combat critics17 May 2015
Doctors demand immediate ban on glyphosate herbicides15 May 2015
Does the USDA really have a new non-GMO programme? Not really15 May 2015
WHO findings on glyphosate herbicide will not speed up EU safety review15 May 2015
Argentina: Chemical warfare on towns14 May 2015
USDA develops first government label for GMO-free products14 May 2015
Glyphosate and the politics of chemical safety13 May 2015
“Terrifying” experience of Colombians sprayed with Roundup12 May 2015
Hungary could be first to introduce “opt-out” for GMO cultivation12 May 2015
GMOs? Not so fast12 May 2015
German states call for ban on Roundup12 May 2015
Bermuda suspends import of Roundup12 May 2015
National Geographic gets it spectacularly wrong on GM12 May 2015
REWE Group removes glyphosate herbicides from its DIY range11 May 2015
Terminator threat looms over Brazil11 May 2015
Colombia to ban coca spraying herbicide glyphosate11 May 2015
DuPont Pioneer found guilty of dust pollution and trespass in Kauai10 May 2015
“Amazing how much credibility” Mark Lynas has got “by carrying water for industry”09 May 2015
GMO contamination risk too high, say groups from Canada, Australia, and Japan08 May 2015
Sweet potato genetically engineered by nature – or spin worthy of Goebbels?06 May 2015
Coexistence of GMO and non-GMO potatoes faces “significant challenge” – study06 May 2015
Where do UK political parties stand on GM?06 May 2015
Cotton For My Shroud – Film showing London 26 May06 May 2015
Will superweeds, regulation create a perfect storm in Iowa farmlands?04 May 2015
Lynas exposed again04 May 2015
University’s attack on cancer researcher condemned04 May 2015
Forbidden food – Polish farmers fight on04 May 2015
Book accuses the US FDA of lying about GMO safety04 May 2015
Colombia may prohibit spraying of coca crops with Monsanto's glyphosate03 May 2015
The US won’t fund human germline genetic engineering – but the UK might02 May 2015
University drops action against cancer researcher in face of massive support for his work02 May 2015
Time to stop the cultivation of GM maize MON81030 April 2015
Farmers report better animal health with non-GMO feed30 April 2015
Failure to regulate: Pesticide data fraud comes home to roost29 April 2015
Campaign against glyphosate steps up in Latin America29 April 2015
Jane Goodall says animals “suffer” from GM foods29 April 2015
Kauai delegation delivers strong message to Syngenta, Swiss lawmakers29 April 2015
Argentina plans ban on Monsanto soybean royalties29 April 2015
Court declares Vermont’s GM food labelling law constitutional29 April 2015
Brazilian research company cancels release of GM bean28 April 2015
Colombia Ministry of Health recommends immediate ban on Roundup spraying of coca crops28 April 2015
Chipotle is now GMO-free27 April 2015
GMO eucalyptus is risk to public health and food and water security27 April 2015
Testbiotech to file complaint against EU Commission’s authorisation of 19 GMOs27 April 2015
New methods of genetic engineering have to be regulated25 April 2015
Ten NGOs ask China to stop producing glyphosate to protect world health25 April 2015
EU approval of new GM crop for import condemned for increasing use of toxic weedkiller25 April 2015
Brazilian public prosecutor asks for domestic ban on glyphosate 25 April 2015
EU approves 19 GMOs for import24 April 2015
Dr Oz’s critics are pro-GMO lobbyists and Medicaid fraudsters24 April 2015
Can EU member states really be GM-free?24 April 2015
Is Scientific American censoring GMO-skeptical comments?23 April 2015
GM food is biggest fraud in history of science23 April 2015
Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos – and find problems23 April 2015
Juncker breaks promise to make EU GMO decisions more democratic23 April 2015
Public testing set to increase pressure for ban on glyphosate22 April 2015
Neil Young's Monsanto album set for release June 1622 April 2015
Monsanto sued in Los Angeles County for false advertising22 April 2015
How the media fell for a GMO front group attack on Dr Oz21 April 2015
Glyphosate is a “probably carcinogenic” pesticide. Why do cities still use it?21 April 2015
Attorney General adopts GMO labelling rules for Vermont food retailers21 April 2015
Florence Wambugu, promoter of failed GMO sweet potato for Africa, now plugs GMO sorghum21 April 2015
Health Canada looks to re-label Roundup to protect farm workers and prevent drift20 April 2015
EU clears path for 17 new GM foods20 April 2015
US farmers turn to GMO-free crops to boost income20 April 2015
Argentina: Cancer increased fivefold in town near GM soy and maize fields – study20 April 2015
Journal editor who retracted Séralini study is former tobacco company executive19 April 2015
The case for banning Roundup – Dr Jeff Ritterman19 April 2015
Does glyphosate cause cancer? Important gap in German risk assessment16 April 2015
Argentina: 30,000 doctors and health professionals demand ban on glyphosate16 April 2015
Leaked proposal from European Commission for GMO regulation changes criticised14 April 2015
Is Health Canada doing enough to keep our food healthy and safe?14 April 2015
Tell EU Commission president Juncker to keep his promise to make EU GMO decisions more democratic14 April 2015
Argentine independent scientists support WHO on glyphosate cancer link11 April 2015
Proposed bill in Argentina would restrict spraying of glyphosate11 April 2015
Revealed: A secret Monsanto document in the Maui GMO case11 April 2015
European Commission considers allowing member states to opt out of GMO food and feed imports10 April 2015
Effects of stress on GM maize: Researcher answers questions10 April 2015
Unexpected reactions in GM maize MON810 under environmental stress10 April 2015
Groups denounce “illegal” decision by Brazil government to approve GM eucalyptus10 April 2015
Brazil’s health agency will reassess glyphosate risk10 April 2015