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Sony Smartwatch 3

The Sony Smartwatch 3 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in 2014 in February. It was available from October 2014, nine months later. Features The watch is self-contained thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi chip. There are two parts: The “core”: the watches themselves, that is to say the screen, the battery, etc. The bracelet: […]

Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 is a smart watch developed by Samsung Electronics . It was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. Its operating system is no longer Android as on its predecessor the Galaxy Gear , but under Tizen 1 . It has an Exynos processor and was launched in April 2014. […]


watchos is the operating system of Apple Watch , developed by Apple Inc . It is based on the iOS operating system and shares many of its features. The operating system was launched on24 April 2015, The same day as the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is currently the only device to operate under watchOS […]

Pebble (watch)

The Pebble Watch is a connected watch distributed by Pebble Technology, on the non-touch screen. Its design and implementation were made possible by a major campaign participatory finance ( “crowd funding”) through Kickstarter 2 . History In May 2012, Pebble reaches 85,000 orders by 66,434 people on Kickstarter, for a record $ 10 million fundraising […]

Physical Activity Monitor

A physical activity monitor (also referred to as activity monitor or sports monitor ; in English, activity tracker 1 ) is an electronic device or implementation to measure the intensity and amount of physical activity performed by a person such Distance or run distance, consumption and calorie expenditure , and in some cases, heart rate […]

Microsoft Band

Microsoft band is a wristband connected to touchscreen rectangular announced on 29 October 2014. This is the first device powered by Microsoft Health , the new health service Microsoft . It is marketed in the United States since October 30, 2014 for $ 199 1 . Features The bracelet incorporates ten sensors to give continuous […]


A smartwatch , literally “smart watch” is a show computerized wristband with features beyond simple display of time and timing, with comparable characteristics to those of a PDA . They should be considered as wrist computers. The term ” connected watch” is also used for watches with wireless connectivity with technologies such as Bluetooth and […]

Top Brands Monaco

Top Marques Monaco is one of the largest fairs annual of luxury in the world, with mainly supercars but also yachts , helicopters , motorcycles , fashion (apparel) , watches , jewelry , art , real estate 2 … It takes place every year The end of April since 2003 in Monaco , and visited […]

International Exhibition of Fine Watchmaking

The International Fine Watch Exhibition (SIHH) is a worldwide private fair for watchmaking and jewelery held in Palexpo , Geneva , Switzerland . Its first edition dates back to 1991 with five brands installed on 1 000 m 2 at the initiative of Alain-Dominique Perrin 1 . It usually takes place in January. The exhibition […]


Baselworld is a worldwide watch and jewelery trade fair held in Basel , Switzerland . Its first edition dates back to 1917. The fair is generally held during the last weeks of March on an area of 141,000 m 2 . It brings together about 1,500 exhibitors 2 from 40 different countries 3 for about […]