ZVUE is a brand of portable media player, now inactive, designed and marketed by HandHeld Entertainment. The ZVUE device combined a digital mp3 audio player with a personal video player and a JPEG viewer into a consumer electronics device on the size of a deck of playing cards. Widely distributed by Walmart, the Zvue beat the Apple iPod video in mass distribution by more than a year [quote] The ZVUE is similar to the iPod video and runs on the standard MPEG-4 or H.264 video for video, the MP3 standard for audio (in addition to OGG Vorbis) and the JPEG standard for images. The main exception was the price of under $ 100.00 of the Zvue against Apple’s $ 300.00 entry price for the first-generation videoIpod [citation] The Zvue portable media player did the 3-year Ipod, quickly becoming a national sensation. When it was created, the Zvue was considered the least expensive commercial video player in the US to support the Windows Media Video standard for video and the Windows Media Audio standard for audio, including DRM. media-app download sites can be played.

The original ZVUE device retails for about $ 100. The Zvue premiered in December 2003, becoming the first portable video player under $ 100 marketed in the United States. Due to its early release date, the Zvue video player is considered the first commercially available portable video player to break the $ 100.00 price marketed in the United States. [citation] Walmart has been considered the Zvue’s leading distribution partner in the United States [quote] The Zvue has become available over 5,000 Walmart stores as well as the Walmart .com online marketplace. [citation] Zvue brand owned by Neasdaq “Zvue”] Handheld Entertainment was quickly transformed into one of the largest and most dynamic Internet humor portals on the Web. [Citation] according to Comscore in a 2007 press release. Zvue’s online content portal bundled a series of website acquisitions, spending about $ 45 million, which allowed Hand Held Entertainment to become one of the ten most important websites in the United States. ] Zvue has literally created the equivalent of a “hub and spoke” television network for the Web, with up to 32 million unique monthly visitors. Zvue’s revenue has quickly grown from device-derived sales to revenue generated by a large content portal focused on ads. customer player but open to all mpeg-4 players from several manufacturers.By lowering the ring-fence, and by executing its acquisition strategy the site gr ew and has become the largest in the United States under 32 million monthly unique visitors and more than 3 billion page views per month [quote] Storage Device The ZVUE Media Player requires SD cards.

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