Waterproof audio player

Waterproof audio players are devices that can store and play audio media while in contact with water. One intended use of waterproof audio players is to listen to audio where ordinary portable audio players can not be used so as not to risk wetting them. As advances in technology make them smaller and lighter, they are becoming more and more popular in pools.

While watertight cassette players and CD players were developed and manufactured, their size, coupled with the fact that both had to include an opening mechanism, prevented customers from using them while swimming. Generally, they were intended for use in a shower or swimming pool. They were rarely submerged in the water. With the advent of mp3 players, things started to change. Players have become smaller and do not need to be open, making it much easier to waterproof them. The first waterproof MP3 player was produced by Oregon Scientific and several others followed.

Generally, waterproof mp3 players have a single output, intended for both the headphone cord and to be connected to a computer for audio charging. They are designed to have minimal weight and size and are rarely able to read or display anything other than audio information. In addition, the interface is minimized to include only the necessary buttons. Often, waterproof mp3 players include a clasp to connect to the glasses. Alternatively, a regular mp3 player can be waterproofed by putting it in a waterproof case and connecting it to waterproof earphones. Companies such as Action Audio, H2O Audio, Otterbox and Aquapac manufacture such products. They were sold and advertised in Runner magazine.

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