Waterman Philéas

Waterman Phileas is a series of writing instruments, including fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and pencils produced by the waterman pen company. It is well known for its good value for money and is therefore often recommended for novice pen users and collectors. This series is now discontinued, but is currently still available from many vendors. The company Waterman has named this line of writing instruments after the character of Phileas Fogg in The Eighty Days Around the World by the French novelist Jules Verne. The design reflects an Art Deco look from the 1930s. However, neither the Art Deco movement nor the modern fountain pen existed when Verne wrote Eighty Days. The fountain pens have a large gold-plated, two-tone steel feather that unfolds at the base and narrows to a fine point, decorated with an Art Deco style engraving.

The gold-plated pen clip carries the Waterman hexagonal seal and flows from the top of the cap. The black ebony crown contrasts with the gold-plated ring around the barrel that looks like an engraved cigar band. There are three other bands on the barrel and cap as remnants of the traditional fountain pen design, which used these rings to limit cracking. In addition to the Phileas, Waterman has produced the cheaper Kultur Pen, which has feather pens in steel feather and a brass insert that adds weight to the Phileas but has the same design as the Phileas. Kultur is available in a number of transparent demonstrator colors. The pens are supplied with a convertible system for filling with bottled ink or an ink cartridge. They are made in different colors and feather widths.

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