Trove (app)

Trove was a social news aggregation website and a mobile app, with apps available on iOS, Android and Fire Phone. Trove is also the name of the company behind the application. Trove was closed in December 2015.

Trove was a free platform for discovering and sharing social news where users connected with others through shared interests. Users can organize news feeds tailored to their interests, called troves. Users then choose the best stories to share with their followers on Trove and other social media sites. Users could follow a trove to see these choices on their homepage. Smartpick In January 2015, Trove added a “Smartpick” feature. When this option is enabled, all relevant articles published on a user’s Twitter account are automatically filed and selected on Trove. Conversations In October 2015, Trove launched “conversations”, which allows commissioners to engage in a discussion about a particular choice.

In 2009, Washington Post Labs (WaPo Labs) was created as a digital innovation and technology team of the Washington Post Company. In 2010, The Washington Post Company acquired iCurrent, a personalized news and information service that became the basis of the company’s news application. In August 2013, after CEO Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper division of the Washington Post Company, WaPo Labs was officially renamed Trove. Trove remained a member of the parent company, which was renamed Graham Holdings Company (GHC). Graham Holdings Chief Digital Officer Vijay Ravindran is the CEO of Trove. The head office is in Washington, DC with a second office in San Francisco. In December 2015, Trove was closed after being integrated into SocialCode.

” ‘First launch of Trove’ ” In April 2011, the first version of Trove was launched as a custom web application. Washington Post Social Reader In September 2011, the WaPo Labs team optimized the Web application for Facebook and launched the Washington Post Social Reader, one of the first social news apps to take advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph technology. Social Reader had 17 million monthly users at its peak. iCurrent has propelled the personalization technology behind Social Reader. ” ‘Trove Relaunch and Platform Launch’ ” In January 2014, Trove was relaunched as an iOS and web application. The New York Times called Trove, “a treasure for new junkies.” CNBC called Trove, “a Pinterest board for the news.” USA Today and The Today Show have also given positive reviews. Trove was launched on the Android platform in July 2014. Fire Phone In conjunction with the launch of Amazon’s Fire phone in July 2014, Trove began providing search results via the Firefly plugin. When Fire Phone users scan something with Firely, the Trove for Fire phone sends news articles and useful information. Apple Watch In April 2015, Trove announced the release of their Apple Watch integration. Users can scan titles, choose stories and leave comments directly from the watch. Amazon Echo In September 2015, Trove became available on Amazon Echo as an Alexa skill. Users can ask Alexa to ask Trove for the latest news or to request information on a specific topic.

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