A regulator is a skilled worker 1 or technician whose role is to regulate the machines of production. The settings of the machines include the parameters, the tools, the cadences, the laying of the molds 2 , etc. The controller is responsible for level 1 maintenance and preventive maintenance .

In watchmaking

A regulator, or a regulator, is a specialized worker, often a female worker 3 , who performs the adjustment operation . The latter is to position exactly and riveting thoroughly the spiral spring to the pendulum , to form the regulating device or regulating organ a movement 4 . Today this trade has almost disappeared by being replaced by machines of high precision.

A precision adjuster, sometimes called a timer 5 , specializes in fine-tuning stopwatches . It checks the accuracy of a watch in different positions and at different temperatures before delivery. A so-called “high-precision” setting must correspond to the tolerances required by the astronomical observatories and the official control offices 6 , 7 .

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Neighboring craft

  • A “trimmer adjuster ” is also a skilled worker in the manufacturing plant of steel structures.

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