Tombow is a Japanese manufacturer of office supplies. The company was founded in 1913 as Messrs Tombow and has since grown into an international business. Based in Tokyo with 397 employees, Tombow also has two overseas production facilities in Thailand and Vietnam. Tombow Thailand is the first overseas factory of Tombow with 425 employees (December 2007) and 6,480 square meters building area.

Tombow’s range of products include:

Mono is one of Tombow’s most popular product lines. It comprises different types of pencils, erasers, and correction tapes. Some product examples include the Mono plastic eraser (see image), the Mono Graph pencil, and the Mono correction tape.

Traditional Japanese calligraphy is done with brush and ink. This is not very practical for office or school use. But one can now obtain “fudepen” or “brush pens”, such as Tombow’s . These pens have a soft, brushlike nib which provides a varying width mark, depending on angle and pressure.

The Zoom 414 pen, designed by Kazunori Katami, won the Red Dot design award in 2007. It combines a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, a highlighter and an eraser in one slim design.

The AirPress Pen features innovative air pressure technology and is always ready for writing. The ballpoint pen works in unusual situations such as writing overhead, in dusty locations or on wet paper. The AirPress Pen was awarded the Red Dot design award 2010 for its product design.

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