Summit1g (Jaryd Lazar)

Jaryd Lazar a popular online gamer and streamer who is known for playing Counter-Strike; Global Offensive, Fortnite and other online games. He was once the top most influential gamer in twitch before he was knocked off the lead by Ninja (Tyler Blevins).
Summit1g has over 3,271,000 followers with a Net Worth of 1 million dollars. His revenue comes from streaming and he enjoys sponsorship from companies such as Monster Energy and Audio-Technica. He has been part of different teams in a bid to try and win championships. Because of his desire to participate in the Alienware Cup, Lazar worked hard to join Quantic Gamic. Amongst the teams he has worked with include Ze Pug Godz, potato streamers and Mythic. He competed in the Main Division of ESEA in the year 2017 when he joined team Mythic.
He has a popular twitch channel and YouTube where he mostly streams his videos. The total subscribers for his Youtube currently stands at over five hundred thousand and a strong social media following.


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