Speaker pillow

A speaker pillow is a pillow that incorporates loudspeakers. It is generally designed to be an alternative to headphones connected to portable media players. Research has shown that a speaker pillow may also help with the symptoms of tinnitus by masking the internal sound with an external one. See also Tinnitus masker. Studies have shown that speaker pillows will certainly help some individuals with sleeping problems. The speaker pillow is generally used to play relaxing music for the individual while they fall asleep. People have also used the pillow to listen to their favorite music, radio show and audio books.

They come in two formats, one with a pouch where you can place your smartphone, with these ones you place your recording directly from your phone. The second type of speaker pillow is the one with a small flattish type speaker in the center of the pillow, with these you can usually plug your speakers into your phone like a set of headphones and play the recording indirectly from the phone. Both types are popular.

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