Slava (watches)

Slava ( Russian : Слава , signifying glory ) is a Soviet brand then Russian brand produced by the Second Muscovite Watch Factory 1 .

Slava watch designed for doctors

In the Soviet era the Slava watches were very much appreciated by the Soviet people for their sturdiness. This reliability will bring the brand to be exported to other countries of the Eastern Bloc 2 .


The history of the brand begins in 1924 with the creation of the Second Muscovite Watch Factory. Beginning in the 1950s, the factory began to diversify its production by launching the design of mechanical watches, alarm clocks, and pocket watches .

International Awards

  • 1964 – Leipzig International Fair – gold medal
  • 1974 – International Exhibition of Brno – gold medal
  • 1975 – Leipzig International Fair – gold medal

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