Samsung SPH-M800

The Samsung Instinct (SPH-M800) was a compatible Internet smartphone designed and marketed by Samsung Mobile. It uses a Haptic touch screen interface and three touch buttons (shown right, left to right – [back], [home], [phone]). The Instinct, in addition to being a mobile phone, also functions as a camera phone, a portable media player, a text messaging software and a full web browser and an email client. The mail client allows access only to the primary inbox of any associated account, not to a subfolder. The “draft”, “sent”, “deleted” and “send” folders only represent messages from the phone. The MP3 player allows users to listen to music while they are exchanging text messages. It interrupts the music when the user answers a call. Instinct supports downloading music to the music library. The phone does not come with MP3 ringtones. The Instinct was initially available only in the United States via Sprint. It was announced in early July 2008 that the Instinct would be available in Canada from Bell Mobility, effective August 8, 2008, and from Telus Mobility on August 19, 2008. It became the second-best-selling phone in Sprint’s history. (the first being the Palm Pre).

The specifications on the Samsung Instinct website are as follows:

When Samsung introduced the Instinct, its marketing campaign mimicked some of the methods usually used by Apple. One of them was to use side-by-side comparisons in a hook site for Instinct, showing a breakdown of all the features that were superior, insufficient, or totally missing in what was then the first-generation iPhone (as listed by TG Daily). ; In addition, the ad campaign used negative language with the words “kill” and “undo” to the iPhone. The campaign was criticized by TG Daily as a “bad marketing”, specifically for negative language and directly opposing the Instinct to the iPhone, thus offering additional exposure to Apple’s product. At the time, the iPhone 3G was known to be less than two weeks away from the introduction, with the Instinct launch date set for June 20, 2008, the day the new iPhone was speculated to be released. The iPhone 3G was released nine days earlier, on June 11, 2008.

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