Rolex Oyster

The Rolex Oyster is a mythical model of automatic movement watch manufactured by Rolex . It is one of the earliest water resistant wrist watches, manufactured in 1927 1 .


After solving the problem of reliability, Hans Wilsdorf began to work on the second major defect of the watches of the time: dust and moisture infiltrated under the dial and the crown, damaging the movement. To remedy this situation, the brand develops and, The Rolex Oyster , the first waterproof watch with a revolutionary crown.

The consumers of the time remain however skeptical as to the faculty of a watch to be totally waterproof. As a demonstration, Rolex installs, in the windows of its main points of sale, filled aquariums , in which are Oyster. This advertising campaign creates an important public recognition of the brand which, since then, remains among the most well-known brands of the general public.

In 1927, Mercedes Gleitze , a young British swimmer , swam across the Channel with an Oyster on her wrist. This sporty will be the first of a long series of Rolex Ambassadors . In order to promote this achievement to the general public, Rolex offers itself the first advertisement ever made for a watch brand, in the form of the front page of the daily Daily Mail 2 . This page contains the announcement of the crossing of the Channel by the Oyster, but this announcement, centered, hardly covers the first quarter of the page; The rest is devoted to the different models of the brand, especially the cocktail watches for ladies.

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