Richard B. Carter

Ink manufacturer Richard B. Carter (1877-1949) was president of the Carter’s Ink Company in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 1903 to 1949.

Richard Burrage Carter was born on April 8, 1877 in West Newton, Massachusetts, son of John W. Carter, the head of Careter’s Ink, and Helen (Burrage) Carter, his wife. He attended Harvard, where he became a member of Phi Beta Kappa and received an A.B. in 1898 and a master’s degree in 1899.

Richard B. Carter was still in college when his father died and was not ready to take over Carter’s Ink. He completed his studies at Harvard and went to work for the company in 1900 and became its president in 1903 and remained so the rest of his life.

Richard B. Carter died on June 8, 1949, a resident of West Newton, where he had lived for many years in a large red brick Georgian manor house at 11 Forest Avenue at the corner of Mt. Vernon Street,

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