Pixo was a company that developed an infrastructure for portable devices. It was founded in 1994 when Paul Mercer, a software developer at Apple, left to form his own company. The company has developed a C ++ software toolkit for use on cell phones and other hand-held devices. They were acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003.

In 2001, Pixo was reengaged by Apple to adapt its system software to the iPod. The use of the Pixo OS in the iPod has never been officially announced, although the iPod’s “first generation” iPod includes a Pixo mention, and a Connectix biography of their vice president Mike Neil mentions his role of “lead architect the Pixo OS used in … the Apple iPod.” Apple bought Pixo OS shortly after shipping the iPod and removed the mention of Pixo from the display “To about the iPod ┬╗with a firmware upgrade for the first generation iPod On April 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the shipment of his 100 millionth iPod, making Pixo OS one of the most popular embedded operating systems, with the abandonment of the iPod Classic in 2014 and the discontinuation of the iPod Nano in 2017, which did not work on iOS., Apple no longer sells iPod Pixo.

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