Minecraft’s Recent Surge in Live-Streams Proves That the PewDiePie Effect is Still Real

Pewdiepie minecraft

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or as he’s commonly known as PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world. Minecraft, as it just so happens, is the single best-selling game in the world.

A coincidence? It may well be.

However, there is evidence of links in their popularity, characterized by a phenomenon called the PewDiePie Effect. PewDiePie created his now sensational YouTube channel on the 29th of April 2010.

Since its inception, Minecraft gameplay walkthroughs have been a mainstay in the channel. Within three years of uploads,  the PewDiePie channel has risen to over ten million subscribers, so he was doing something right. Despite his links with popular titles like Minecraft and Call of Duty, it was his familiarisation with independent or “indie” games that led to the coinage of the term “The PewDiePie Effect.”

The PewDiePie Effect is a term that YouTuber and commentator Matthew “MatPat” Patrick used in a video to describe the sort of influence that content creators have on the track life market; making an example with PewDiePie and his patronage of indie games.

As a result of PewDiePie’s massive following, by just featuring a product on his platform, the said products record an increase in sales. For this reason, many of the independent games he took a liking to, by extension, gained a whole lot of exposure which resulted in a largely increased player base.

Now over the past few years, Minecraft has seen a resurgence; not only in terms of the revamped player base but notably with the number of content creators harnessing the wealth of content that video games provide. Live streaming in particular has enjoyed really good growth in recent years and although there is no hard backing evidence to justify these claims, it wouldn’t be too outlandish a statement to link this revival back to Mr. Kjellberg.

PewDiePie once took a break from Minecraft and created content around it, and needless to say that the popularity of Minecraft dwindled considerably between that period and when he took it up again.

In 2019, he uploaded a Minecraft video and hasn’t looked back since. He said he was at that point enjoying the game again and was oblivious to what the world was saying about it. It is safe to say that Minecraft is PewDiePie’s full-time job because even he has admitted to thoroughly enjoying the game and not paying attention to what anyone is doing.” He’s also described the Minecraft video as “so goddamn liberating.”

Being as influential as he is, simply having fun playing a game is enough to cause a stir in the game’s popularity and acceptance in the gaming community. His reignited interest in the game has once again taken Minecraft close to the peak of online gaming and content creation.

Live streaming of Minecraft has seen such a revamp that it is now the third most followed game on Twitch behind Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto. On YouTube, it’s overtaken Fortnite as the most searched subject on the platform. Little wonder you google-search the words “Minecraft” and find your first page ridden with PewDiePie’s videos.

It’s simple influencer politics. When a super famous and influential person throws their weight behind a product or service, one can expect that it will receive wider publicity and consequently bring the product out of oblivion.

The extent of PewDiePie’s effect on the YouTube scene is immense and truly cannot be understated. he may well just be the single most influential creator on the platform and his influence on video games like the Minecraft franchise is so obvious that it got its own name!

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