PenAgain is an ergonomic writing device developed by Pacific Writing Instruments, Inc. It was designed to reduce stress and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries when writing. Writing with PenAgain differs from writing with a traditional cylindrical pen. The writer’s index is in the Y-shaped device, so the weight of the writer’s hand directs the pressure on the tip of the pen. This eliminates the need to grab the pen and push the tip into the paper. The index guides the tip of the pen.

The bifurcated form of a writing device was first proposed and patented by John WyttenBach in 1886. Several other iterations have emerged, including Dwight B. Smith’s The Pen and Brush Holder and George Cooper Ward’s Penholder. . Colin Roche designed the PenAgain while in high school. The PenAgain has undergone several design iterations and on October 28, 2003, received a patent from the USPTO.

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