Parker 180

The Parker 180 is a fountain pen developed in the 1970s by Parker Pen Company. Introduced to the market in 1977 as an attempt to modernize the then-wading feather pen industry, the 180 was a slim pen with a very unusual flat feather design. The “180” is a 180 ° game, because the pen was intended to be used either in an upward or upward orientation to change the width of the line drawn by the pen. It was offered in “X / M” (“Extra-Fine / Medium”) or “F / B” (“Fine / Broad”) configuration.

Towards the end of its production, the feathers manufactured were not double-pointed spikes, and were marked as X, F, M, or B. Like many Parker fountain pens, the 180 had a bladder of ink. To load the pen with ink, remove the outer casing of the pen body, lower the pen in an ink bottle, and compress and release the ink bag, drawing the ink in the pen as Elastic rubber bag returned to its rest form.

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