News360 is a custom news aggregator app for smartphones, tablets and the web. It tries to learn the interests of a user by analyzing its behavior and activity on social media and using semantic analysis and natural language processing to create a graph of interest and build a single stream of relevant content for each user. The app has an audience of over 4 million users and is located in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Moscow, Russia. Initially launched for the iPhone in late 2010, News360 is now available for all major mobile platforms, with versions for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the Web.

News360 was founded in July 2010. In October 2010, the first News360 Windows Phone 7 application was released. In November 2010, the first iPhone application News360 was launched, followed by an iPad version in March 2011. In May 2011, the company released News360 for Android tablets, and in July – for Android phones. News360 2.0 was released in November 2011, adding an opportunity to create custom feeds. The next release, News360 3.0, was launched in July 2012, introducing the News360 customization engine and the “Home” feed, which merges all user interests, custom feeds, and feeds into a single feed that uses analytics. behavioral to improve. select the most relevant content, the more the user uses the application. The publication was generally well received, with a New York Times critic saying, “For an excellent news experience, the free News360 app must be one of the best news aggregated [applications] I’ve seen on any any platform. In September 2012, News360 announced the publisher partnership program with 30 brands, including the Chicago Tribune, CNBC, Fox Sports, Business Insider, Gigaom and others.

News360 uses a semantic analysis engine, developed internally by the company, to analyze aggregated content from more than 100,000 sources on the Web. After performing cluster recognition, clustering and analysis, News360 uses a complex formula for classifying stories, taking into account source, author, text quality and complexity, size and velocity. The system then takes the set of grouped and classified stories and identifies a custom selection for each user, based on their graph of interest. The graph of interest is initially built by collecting, with permission, user data from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Reader or Evernote. As the user uses News360, additional data is collected about his behavior: as he reads stories and gives comments, the graph of interest becomes more accurate and tailored to his real interests, making more effective customization. In 2016, News360 launched NativeAI, an audience analysis tool for publishers and content marketers. NativeAI tracks more than one million unique points of interest based on reader behavior on publisher websites and provides publishers with a cloud-based content analysis and monetization service. Monetization of content works through sponsored content while the analysis uses machine learning to provide insight into public engagement.

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