My Brute

My Brute is a combat simulation video game with role-playing elements, released in March 2009. Although it is an English game, it was developed by Motion-Twin, a games provider. online french. My Brute was born as a Flash game based on a free browser. It was later ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch, with enhanced graphics and additional features, by the video game developer Bulkypix.

The player starts by creating an avatar called Brute. Players can create as many Brutes as they want. The Brutes of new users are, by default, public and can be used by anyone to fight. However, a password can be added to the Brute cell page so that only the person who created the Brute can use it. The player can customize his Brute by giving him a name and adjusting variables such as gender, clothes, hairstyle, accessories and skin color. The Brute is then randomly assigned to skill points (health, strength, agility, and speed), skills, weapons, and pets. There are 26 weapons in the game, 28 skills to learn and 3 pets: dogs, wolves and bears.

The player gains experience points by fighting in the arena and expanding his dojo by recruiting other players to be students. Each time a player gets up, one of the three statistics of the Brute (Strength, Agility and Speed) is increased. There is also a chance for the Brute to gain a new weapon, skill, or pet. Arena fights are fully automatic and require no user intervention. Brutes with higher levels and skills tend to be more successful. Although the player can not control his Brute in a fight, the player can control who is the Brute. Apart from the fights that occur when a student is recruited, a bully is limited to three or five fights (depending on the version of the game) per day. Six fights are allowed on the first day the character is created. However, as players are allowed to create as many Brutes as they wish, players may continue to fight using other Brute characters.

There are a total of 42 skills a Brute can earn each time he increases:

Critics praised the sound effects of the game, the cute presentation and caricature graphics. The reviewers found that the game was simple and easy to understand and that it took little time for the player. The reviewers also found that the student recruitment game mechanism contributed to the game by making it a social experience. Negative criticism focused on the inability to control the Brutes during the fighting, which limited the depth and replayability of the game. Critics also criticized the ceiling on the number of battles that each Brute could engage every day.

* Launched in March 2010, in French only * http: // Launched in May 2011 in English and Spanish Unlike its predecessor, MyBrute V2.0 does not use the reference system. Each brute has two choices of weapons / skills / statistics at each level, which translates into deeper strategic planning. Every day, each brute can fight up to 10 battles (20 battles with a payment of 0.25 euro) or 3 losses, whichever comes first, and participate in a tournament.

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