Mondaine Watch Ltd. Is an independent manufacturer of Swiss watches created in 1951. The company is based in Zurich with its watchmaking workshops located in Biberist .


Since 1986, Mondaine has been manufacturing and distributing the official watches of Swiss Federal Railways or SBB throughout the world. Indeed, CFF SBB and FFS are indicated under the Mondaine logo on the dial (SBB being the translation in German and FFS, the Italian translation of CFF). The Mondaine watches take the design dial created in 1944 by Hans Hilficker to equip the 3,000 Clocks of the Swiss Railway Stations. With the famous red second hand, which takes the round form of the panel used by the stationmaster to give the train’s departure, Hans Hilficker. Has created a timeless, modern, readable design and has become an Icon in Switzerland and Switzerland in the World. The revolutionary idea in 1944 was to indicate to the travelers present on the quay of the station the “time remaining before the departure of the train” To know in the blink of an eye if a frantic race to catch the train is well worth it … Powered by electricity, these 3000 clocks have the peculiarity of being accurate to the minute but imprecise to the second, Except when she leaves at the beginning of every minute. The reason is simple: electricity undergoing variations in voltages may imply vagueness; The engineers decided to turn the seconds hand in 58 seconds (so faster) then to make him take a break of 2 seconds every minute in order to re-synchronize, the trains departing in the mead in general. These 3000 Swiss station clocks are not accurate to the second but to the minute (a beautiful story and at the same time a climax in the country of the ”

With their sleek design, Mondaine watches were initially very successful in museums: MOMA New York , San Francisco, Tokyo, Guggenheim Bilbao , London Museum of Design, Munch Museum in Oslo for n ‘ To quote only a few.

In 1993, Mondaine received the Design Plus Award. Progressively, Swiss station clocks have also been installed outside of Switzerland: one can find stations of the East in Paris and also at the station of Brussels , as well as in the Leicester Square of London or in the city center of Basle Or Zurich .

Mondaines watches are distributed in 50 countries in department stores and jewelery watchmakers.

In 2012, Apple took over the iconic dial in its Clocks of the World application under IOS 6: an agreement was signed in October 2012 after one month of unauthorized use, against a sum of $ 20 million.

In August 2016, two Mondaine Stoo2go clocks arrived on the mythical plates of Deauville. Like the 3000 clocks of the Federal Railways, these two Stop2go Mondaine clocks take a break of two seconds every minute.

The 25 th hour Mondaine is an original photo competition which takes place at midnight in Deauville, during this time of artificial time change A prestigious jury (Bettina Rheims, Isabelle Huppert …) reward the best photographs …

Mondaine watch Ltd has diversified: it manufactures and distributes the Luminox, M-Watch and Camel Active watch brands. The M-Watch brand has met with great success at Migros and from now on at Manor in Switzerland.

Notes and references

  • ( In ) This article is partially or entirely from the article in German entitled ” Mondaine ” ( see the list of authors ) .

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