Monami Co., Ltd () is a Korean maker of stationery, printer supplies, office supplies, and pens and other writing instruments. Founded in 1960, it continues to hold considerable market share in its home market, South Korea.

A symbol of daily post-war life in Korea, Monami’s basic pen has continuously been on sale since its inception in 1963 and is recognizable by nearly every Korean. In 2009 this pen was noted by the government-run Korea Design Foundation as a design that has significantly influenced daily life in Korea. 3.3 billion have been sold, and the figures are still rising. The pen’s designation can be explained by the fact that the 153 was only the third product the company produced and that it originally sold for 15 won, the price of a newspaper or a bus ride at the time. While the quality and price of this remarkable pen have risen, the design remains unchanged.

Monami has factories at Ansan, Korea, and Rayong, Thailand.

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