Mactracker is a freeware application containing a complete database of all hardware models and Apple software versions, created and actively developed by Ian Page. The database includes (by no means exhaustive) the Lisa (under his name later Macintosh XL), Classic Macintosh (1984-1996), printers, scanners, digital cameras QuickTake, iSight, iPod, iPhone, iPad, AirPort , as well as all versions of Classic Mac OS, macOS and iOS. For each desktop and laptop model, audio clips from the corresponding chime or death chime are also included. The sources of the story and text used in Mactracker are attributed to Lukas Foljanty, Glen. D Sanford, and English Wikipedia.

WidgetWidget and The Iconfactory have provided many hardware icons. Versions are available for macOS and iOS (iPhone and iPad run the same universal app that fits the device). The versions for Windows and the iPod clickwheel have been discontinued.

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