iRip (formerly named iPodRip, renamed because of the iPod brand) is a commercial iPod recovery tool for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has an iTunes style interface, iPod multimedia transfer and integration with iTunes. It was originally released in August 2003 and has since more than 5 million downloads. iRip supports all iPods (including iPod touch) and all iPhones. It was developed for the Hack Show during MacHack 2003. However, the developer never demonstrated that he thought the hack was “too simple” compared to Unstoppable Progress and Interface UnBuilder, both of which impressed the audience.

In November 2009, Apple forced Apple to change the name of the iPodRip to remove the iPod. In order to gain clemency, the developer has sent an email to Steve Jobs and this exchange of emails has leaked a lot of ink because of Steve’s succinct response: “Change your application name. The software is now known as iRip.

Recently, iRip jumped in sponsoring the electronic sports scene with Starcraft 2, especially the HDH Invitational # 1 with a $ 2,500 prize pool. They have also supported Husky and HDStarcraft in show matches such as the Day9 vs Tasteless show. The electronic sports scene has always been huge in Korea, and with bands like The Little App Factory that are more supportive of Western competition, this could pave the way for a more dominant role for e-sports – with Korea.

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