HearFones is an acoustic and non-electronic instrument that allows a person who speaks or sings to hear the sound they produce. The device is used by professional singers and has also been used in therapy for people with hearing problems.

HearFones is a patented instrument that allows a person who speaks or sings to hear the sound of the voice they produce. HearFones adapts to the head and binaurally redirects the sound from the mouth to the ears using ellipsoidal reflectors, one of which focuses on the user’s mouth and the other on the ear canals. Although similar to the traditional concept of “hand cupping”, this more accurate representation of the user’s voice immediately changes the way the user speaks or sings, as he intuitively changes his vocal habits to create a voice that he prefer. amateur and professional singers, voice coaches, speech therapists and new language learners to create new or modify existing muscular memory models and to modify breathing patterns. The device has also been used to teach a child with learning disabilities and auditory processing problems how to blend into their school singing group. Peer-reviewed research on the effects of HearFones shows that HearFones users are making immediate and spontaneous changes in their voices that are considered an improvement by qualified evaluators and that reflect more effective vocal use.

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