Goji Electronics

Goji Electronics, Inc. is a producer of computers, smart phones, audio products and equipment headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, UK. The audio division of the company was founded by artist and entrepreneur Tinchy Stryder and DSG International plc president, Lord Kalms, and mainly produces products under the Goji Tinchy Stryder brand. Since the creation of Goji, its products have been distributed by Dixons Carphone plc and its predecessor DSG International plc. The collaboration between Dixons and Kwasi Danquah III led to an expansion of Goji Electronics in the headphone and audio equipment market. Stryder, Lord Kalms and Dixons Carphone plc all have Goji-specific actions.

The company was founded in December 2011, and debuted its first product, Consumer Electronic Accessories, early 2012. Goji Electronics was established with DSG International plc granted exclusive rights to manufacture and develop Goji brand products. With DSG International producing the products, Lord Kalms and Kwasi Danquah III are free to take care of the promotion of the new line. Goji intends to rely mainly on celebrity endorsements, especially by popular professional athletes, popular musicians, to help market the line to a demographic of young men and women concerned with fashion. In June 2012, Goji Electronics extended its products to include lifestyle, music technology, travel and audio equipment. Goji accessories for computers and smartphones were also expanded in June 2012, in connection with the introduction of Danquah’s headphones and audio equipment. The percentage of interests between the shareholders of Goji Electronics is not disclosed. On August 10, 2012, Goji On Cloud 9 audio equipment and Goji Tinchy Stryder headphones were distributed by more than 600 retailers in the UK, by DSG International plc subsidiaries in Europe and worldwide by Pixmania, owned by DSG International.

Goji’s original product line was consumer electronics, including tablets, netbooks, and smartphone accessories. Goji’s range of headsets and audio equipment has been introduced as Goji Tinchy Stryder headphones and Goji On Cloud 9 audio. Tinchy Stryder provides creative direction for the development of the Goji Tinchy Stryder product line: On Cloud 9 ‘, including headphones, travel speakers and audio equipment, as well as promotional materials. With Goji, its appearance, audio quality, price, and value flexibility will make Goji headphones and audio products a serious competitor in the global music technology market. Kwasi Danquah III added: “Goji Electronics was the perfect partner to work on this project – the team I’m working with is amazing and we clicked from the start, as I’m sure people will love the sound – which was really important to me, we were right – and product design too. “In line with Goji headsets and audio equipment, it also plans to license Goji brand and technology. to other leading information technology and automotive manufacturers Goji Electronics plans to begin offering personal computers and tablets with Goji On Cloud 9 audio systems, featuring advanced technology features and software Following the extension of accessories for computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones in June 2012, Goji Electronics and a future version of personal computers and tablets equipped with Goji On Cloud 9 Audio systems, also planned to launch smartphones enabled with a Goji On Cloud 9 Audio technology in collaboration with leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

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