Futurematic is the name of a series of watches with automatic winding of Jaeger-LeCoultre , produced between 1951 and 1958.


The Futurematic was the first automatic watch without a winding crown . There was only a flat crown at the bottom of the case to adjust the time. The Futurematic was presented in two iterations of the dial and movement , the E501 and E502 . The first model E501 had two small indications with needles to display the power reserve and seconds. The model E501 keeps the calibres K497 , K497 / 1 or KP827 . The E502 version had two holes in the shape dial of a porthole , Was called Futurematic Porthole and kept the calibres K817 , K817 / 1 or K837 . In the second window the roasting of an arrow, the other window displayed the power reserve by a change of coloring from red or blue to white (two versions).

All the gauges had a stop of seconds, an enlarged and antiferromagnetic rocker , a balance adjustment with a micrometric screw. The last two gauges ( KP827 and KP837 ) had an anti-shock system of the Parachoc type , the others a system of the KIF type . The complex construction was the basis of the slogan used in the United States “the world’s most accurate automatic watch”.

Because of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act the Futurematics for the American market had printed and engraved LeCoultre and not Jaeger-LeCoultre . An exception was the inside of the bottom of the case, that was engraved LeCoultre with the European models and the Americans. The calibers of the American market were produced in Switzerland and put into boxes in the United States. The needles, dials and boxes of these watches were produced in the United States. The Futurematics for the American market were sold by Vacheron-Constantin-LeCoultre , a subsidiary of Longines -Wittnauer . The Futurematic existed in two different boxes with each box available in three metals, Stainless steel, yellow gold and pink gold. The American Futurematic was available in several boxes and four metals (stainless steel, yellow gold, pink gold and ten-carat gold plated).


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