Exaile is a free, multiplatform audio player, tag editor, and library organizer. It was originally designed to be similar in style and functions to KDE’s Amarok 1.4, but uses the GTK + widget toolbox rather than Qt. It is written in Python and uses the GStreamer media framework. Exaile incorporates many features of Amarok (and other multimedia players) such as automatic folder retrieval, large library management, lyrics retrieval, Last.fm support, advanced tag editing, and video capture. Optional iPod and MSC charging. Compared to typical music players, Exaile is able to handle large music libraries without the need to massively import all music files into its own organizational structure.

To make this easier, Exaile allows users to organize their music library in a variety of ways. Such as through tags, group tags, smart playlists, genre, storage location, and more. In addition, Exaile supports plugins that offer features such as ReplayGain support, an equalizer with presets, track preview via a secondary sound card, and Moodbar integration.

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