Curtis Australia

Curtis Australia is an Australian-based jewelery and pen manufacturer that manufactures hand-made writing instruments and diamond jewelery.

The history of Curtis Australia dates back to the 1890s. Almost 100 years ago, jewelery / jewelery became the target of leather items made by the first settlers in the family. Continuing now, Curtis Australia still uses traditional techniques such as lost wax casting and gemstone setting. The company now produces a wider range of items, including jewelry / fine jewelry and luxury writing instruments. The writing instruments produced by the mark usually contain precious metal or precious stones to reflect Curtis’ origins as jewelers. The pen models are often made of solid silver, like the Adventurer series or a combination of materials such as those from the Dream Writer range. The founder, Glenn Curtis, is a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and has been making jewelry in Australia for 40 years. Information about Curtis pens listed on Marcus Link, an independent overview of pen manufacturers. At the end of 2014, Curtis was chosen to contribute to Robb Report Magazine’s Ultimate Gift Guide, a collection of extreme luxury products and concepts for the very rich. Curtis pen designs included concepts called “Artistry” – a gem set and gold pen inspired by decorative art history, and “racing wind” a design featuring an eagle and a diamond stallion. Both concepts are intended to encourage the design commissions of magazine subscribers.

In addition to producing pens, Curtis also produces several jewelry collections, including the “Flight of Fantasy” necklace and the “Morning Mist” necklace. Recent additions include a range of two-tone gold rings made by merging different solid gold colors into a single item and a range of pieces including recovered Australian hardwoods.

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