Compaq Portable series

The first computers from Compaq were “lunchbox” or “luggable” laptops, and as such belong to the Compaq Portable series. These computers measured about 1 time and 1 foot on the side, and were approximately. 2½ feet wide. As products evolved, laptops and laptops were created to a new level of portability that blew the market. Some of the notebooks (Portable and Portable II) had CRT monitors, while others (Portable III and Portable 386) had flat, monochrome displays, usually amber in color. Laptops came / could come with internal hard drives on 0.5 “springs, floppy drives, usually 5” drives at double or quadruple density; batteries; and / or an ISA dual expansion chassis, of about a total disk width. Subsequent products included mono and color LCDs and were battery powered.

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