Compaq Portable 386

The Compaq Portable 386 was a computer marketed by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1987. Its selling price at the exit was 12,000-14,000 USD for a model equipped with an Intel 80386 processor of 20 MHz, 2 MB of RAM, 16 KB ROM, 1.2 MB 5¼-floppy disk, 40 or 100 MB hard disk and 10 “amber plasma-gas display The power supply is provided by a power outlet, a battery exists but only stores the configuration BIOS Option for Intel 80387 (FPU) It is possible to add an additional modem or RS232 port, and the expansion card can accept memory expansion cards for a total of 8 MB additional. supports a hard disk with a capacity of up to 504 MB, configurable by the Compaq SETUP disk (the BIOS is NOT saved directly on its EPROMs) Compaq Portable 386 wer e sold with the Compaq Laptop case and badges 3. A different screen bezel indicating “386/20” and have the only visible change on the outside.

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