Walkman X Series

The Walkman X series is a portable music player designed by Sony Inc. It is the flagship model in the Walkman digital player family as of 2009. The model debuted in Japan in April 2009, and then has become available in North America, Europe, China and other places. The X series is available in 16 GB and 32 GB versions (USA model: NWZ-X1051 and NWZ-X1061). A limited version of the Walkman X series was released in Japan. Walkman X series is the first Sony flash memory based Walkman that features OLED display, touch screen and S-Master digital amplifier technologies.

The design features (more…)

Walkman S Series

The Walkman S series is a series of portable media players, designed and developed by Sony, with a focus on high quality sound. The first models debuted in Japan in the fall of 2006 and were then launched in North America, Europe and the rest of Asia. Although the first generation of models had generic displays, all subsequent generations of S Series drives, from the S510 / S610 / S710 lines, had TFT color displays and supported high quality video playback. . The noise canceling function was introduced with the S700 series and consolidated in the latest generation models, such as (more…)

Walkman DD Series

The Walkman DD was a first series in the Walkman range of portable audio cassette players from Sony. The “DD” meant “disk drive”, the main engine of the unit being directly coupled to the “disk” of the capstan wheel assembly while being perpendicular to it in the unit. This feature was later shared with the Walkman Professional series.

The first model in the series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982 and had a solid reputation for performance.

The WM-DD2 was introduced in 1984, and appeared to be a WM-DD that was available in the same colors and had the addition of Dolby B (more…)

Walkman Circ

The Circ Walkman is a circular MP3 player the size of a circular bar of soap. It was published in 2001.

The Sony Circ Audio Walkman comes from Sony’s Walkman division

The player is available in a variety of colors: green, silver, blue and black. Each is actually a combination of two colors; the main body is a color, and the screen is usually a complementary color, except on the silver model. The silver model has a reflective screen. The included headphones reflect the color of the device.

The Circ Walkman is available in 1GB, 512MB, and 256MB capacities. The 256MB can hold about (more…)

Walkman Bean

The Walkman Bean was a flash memory-based portable media player by Sony. The name refers to its shape, which was modeled after a jellybean, and its ancestor, the original Sony Walkman portable cassette player. The product was released in October 2005, and production ceased in April 2006. The player was available in three versions: the basic model with 512MB capacity (model NW-E205), the basic model with an inbuilt FM radio (model NW-E305) , and a higher-capacity 1GB model (model NW-E307). It was also available in four colors, named after jellybean flavors – Tropical Ice (blue), Cotton Candy (pink), Licorice (black) and (more…)


The SRF-39 is a portable AM / FM radio made by Sony. It uses a single AA battery, as its analog electronics draw very little current. It was one of the first radios to use the CXA1129 30-pin integrated circuit, which was responsible for the SRF-59’s sensitive and selective performance. A variant of the SRF-39, the SRF-39FP, has a transparent box, designed to match concealment. The radio often appears on the commissary lists of U.S. federal prisons, hence the “FP” suffix. Both are popular in the DXing community for their generous recess for tuning thumbwheel, 0-10 log strip, and guard chain.

Sony Walkman Z Series

The Sony Walkman Z Series is a portable multimedia player based on Android 2.3 manufactured as part of Sony’s range of Walkman music players. First announced in Japan on September 13, 2011 and on sale the following December, it was announced for a US release in mid-2012 Consumer Electronics Show 2012. The device is available in versions 8, 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes, and is equipped with a processor Nvidia Tegra 2 dual gigahertz, 512 megabytes of RAM, a screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and a gyroscope. 64 gigabytes are only available in some countries. It is equipped with Sony’s proprietary digital (more…)

Sony NW-A810

The Walkman A810 series is a portable music player designed by Sony Inc. It is a high-end model of the family of Walkman digital players. The model debuted in Asia in 2007 and became available in North America. This series updates the previous Walkman A800 series, with the same hardware but a different PC music management program. At the end of 2007, Sony released 3 models, the NWZ-A815 (2GB), the NWZ-A816 (4GB) and the NWZ-A818 (8GB). Some of the improvements include compatibility with Windows Media Player 11, and the famous Drag n ‘Drop feature, which allows the user to quickly transfer (more…)

Sony NW-A800

The Sony NW-A80x, is a series of network-compatible Walkman video players, announced in late 2006 and released on May 19, 2007. On May 19, 2007, only the NW-A806 (4GB) and NW-A808 (8GB) models been released. On June 13, 2007, Sony announced that the NW-A800 (2GB) would be included in the series and would soon be available to the public.

The entire body is covered with metal and has a 2.0 “LCD screen covered with glass The three control buttons under the screen are arranged to form the Walkman logo on the front. the design of the NW A800 / 810 is in (more…)

Music for Stowaways

Music for Stowaways is the debut album by English electronic duo British Electric Foundation (BEF), released in the United Kingdom as a limited edition tape in March 1981 by Virgin Records, who also released an LP version of the album titled Music for Listening To later in the year with a different track and art cover, aiming its release for export markets. It was the first ‘minor project’ released by the BEF, based on Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh’s Sheffield musicians. It was originally released concurrently with Ware and Marsh’s first single with BEF’s first major act, Heaven’s 17 ” (more…)


Walkman is a Sony brand tradename, originally used for portable audio cassette players from the late 1970s onwards. Sony Ericsson mobile phones introduced in 2005. The Sony Walkman was blue and silver which contained bulky buttons. It also included an extra audio jack so you could listen at a time. The original tape player Walkman, released in 1979, changed music listening. This could turn everyday tasks like commuting and running into pleasurable experiences, give commuters a sense of privacy, and add a soundtrack to urban surroundings. The Walkman was devised by Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka, and first built by audio-division engineers (more…)