Spring Strip

A spring bar or spring pump is a mechanical element containing a spring that allows the bracelet to be connected to the horns of a watch case . The diameter is 1.5 to 2 millimeters and the length is a function of the housing rim , from 8 to 40 mm , the most frequently used is about 20 mm .


An eight-digit is an instrument used in watchmaking, whose 8-coated form is the origin of the name. It is used for balancing the pendulums of mechanical timepieces.

The balance is positioned between the tips of the tool. By rotating it, it is possible to detect any unbalance defects.

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A stopwatch 1 denotes a measuring instrument of time .

Its name is derived from the Greek khrónos (όρόνος), meaning time and from the Latin metrum meaning to measure.

The term “chronometer” is misused for short-duration measuring devices, such as those used in sports competitions, which are in fact ” chronographs “.


An officially certified Seiko wristwatch.

In watchmaking , a “chronometer” is a watch equipped with a display of the second, the movement of which has passed successfully the control of its accuracy by an official neutral body 1 , several days in different positions and at different temperatures. A chronometer is distinguished by (more…)

Braille Watch

A Braille watch is a watch designed to be accessible to visually impaired ( blind and visually impaired ).

Other ways to know the time for a visually impaired, and disadvantages

Apart from the Braille watch, there are several solutions to obtain the time when one is visually impaired:

  • Ask a third person: this solution runs counter to the search for autonomy for certain visually impaired people;
  • The use of a watch with a sound device , for example with beeps or an artificial voice : this solution, which is not discreet, is not adapted to life in society.

It is in this context (more…)

Equinoctial ring

An equinoctial ring (or universal ring ) is a relatively coarse measuring instrument, which is considered the solar watch of the sailor, and can also serve as a compass.

In its principle and its functioning it is the equivalent of an armillary sphere of observation, limited to the observation of the Sun, put in the form of a foldable instrument, robust but not very precise, a pocket instrument which can also be Wear collar.


The instrument is mainly composed of:

  • An outer “meridian” ring, bearing latitude graduation and adjustable suspension point;
  • An internal “equatorial” ring mounted on the meridian ring, which bears the (more…)