Assortment (watchmaking)

Timepiece assortment is the set of parts forming the escapement of any mechanical watch movement transmitting the pulses of the watch regulating member formed by the balance / balance spring assembly . During the development of the watchmaking art, several systems were developed and used. Faced with the development and the competition of movements with organ regulating Quartz , a single mechanical system could survive by its performances.

The anchor assortment

The anchor assortment (of its shape, reminiscent of that of a marine anchor), NIHS 02-04, Chapter 6, section 6.4, is composed of the following three parts:

  • The wheel: it is the piece that transmits both energy and oscillations. The teeth of its upper gear are specially cut to fit perfectly with the pulses of the anchor.
  • The anchor: piece, made of steel or brass, crimped at each end of a ruby , and cut so that it can fit perfectly with the gear of the wheel.The anchor has a dual role:
    • On the one hand, to transmit the force of the barrel spring , via the gear train, to the rocker arm, in order to make the oscillations last ;
    • On the other hand, prevent uncontrolled unwinding of the reassembled gear.
  • The platform: safety device which, in the exhaust, limits the displacements of the fork. The fork is the extension of the anchor which provides the connection between the exhaust and the stem of the balance.


In ASUAG , the production of the assortment was concentrated in Switzerland in 1931 in its subsidiary, the FAR (see history  [ archive ] ), which is now an integral part of the Swatch Group . The grouping: Nivarox SA (see: Nivarox  (en) ). In the world, the number of watch brands producing their own assortment, and especially their own spiral, are very rare since the quartz crisis of the 1970s.

The Japanese

  • Seiko

The Russians

  • Raketa 1 , 2

The Swiss

  • Rolex 3
  • Nivarox (Swatch Group) 4

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