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GM Myths

Why are stories about GM "miracles" lapped up so uncritically by the media and why does non-GM research into solving exactly the same kind of problems seem to get minimal if any reporting, even though it is far more successful? We look at some classic examples of how GM's often exaggerated crisis narratives and hyped silver bullet solutions successfully grab media attention. We also look at how even when these claims turn out to be completely bogus, it attracts little if any attention, and how some failed GM projects, or successful crop developments that have nothing to do with GM, even get passed off as big GM successes!

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GM Myths introduction
"Millions served" - the GM sweet potato
"Saving lives and limbs with a (GM) weed"
"Only GM can save the banana"
GM cassava "our only hope"
Golden Rice "could save a million kids a year"
"Purple tomato can beat cancer"
Super-sized cassava "could help alleviate hunger"